If you spent any more than five minutes of your life clicking on demons and watching them explode into a mess of bloody guts, pick up a copy of this book and then drop what you are doing and consume it. -Bakuenryu!

"Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I" eBook Tour

Posted by  DMPress  Oct 30, 2013


Oct 21, 2013

(Last Updated on January 31, 2014. New Content: Stop #14 - An Interview with Frontburnr.net)

Welcome to the Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I eBook tour! Here, you'll find interviews, previews, and more coverage related to SAAL Book IYou can visit each "stop" on the tour in order, or poke around on your own.

In between stops on the eBook tour, check out our SAAL - Book I page for purchase information. Got questions? Hit up the Contact Us page. Want to join in the SAAL - Book I conversation on social media? Use hashtag #saalbook on Twitter and FacebookInterested in reading SAAL but don't own an e-reader? Consult our FAQs page.


    • gamelife.jpgStop #1: WIRED magazine hosts a preview from Chapter 6, which covers the making of WarCraft: Orcs & Humans.

    • Stop #2: On his blog, Code of Honor,wyatt.jpeg Blizzard Entertainment's former vice president of research and development, Patrick Wyatt, writes about his involvement in Stay Awhile and Listen.

    • incgamers.pngStop #3: Author David L. Craddock joins the Diablo.IncGamers podcast to discuss Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I.

    • gamasutra_logo.pngStop #4: Gamasutra hosts one of Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I's bonus rounds: An interview with Interplay founder Brian Fargo.

    • ign.pngStop #5: IGN presents a preview from Chapter 7 on Diablo's turn-based roots, and the first meeting between the founders of Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard North.

    • escapist.jpgStop #6: Escapist Magazine presents a preview from Chapter 9 on the making of Tristram, Diablo's iconic town.

    • Slashdot_Logo.jpgStop #7: David L. Craddock and two of Blizzard North's founding fathers, David Brevik and Max Schaefer, answer questions submitted by Slashdot.org's readers. (Part 1 | Part 2.)

    • VentureBeat_27932.jpgStop #8: What do critics say about Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I? Check out reviews from Slashdot, DiabloFans.comVideo Game Writers, Venture Beat, Gamnesia, Gaming Trend, and Bakuenryu!. (This list will be updated as more reviews come in.)

    • stray_pixels_--_header_final.jpgStop #9: Luis Levy of Stray Pixels interviews David L. Craddock about Stay Awhile and Listen and childhood memories created deep in Diablo's labyrinth.

    • mattchat.jpgStop #10: Fellow game historian and author Matt Barton welcomed David L. Craddock onto his show, Matt Chat, to discuss Stay Awhile and Listen and the importance of preserving video-game history.

    • reddit.pngStop #11: David Craddock invites Reddit to ask him anything about Stay Awhile and Listen and the early years at Blizzard North and Entertainment.

    • shacknews_logo.jpgStop #12: Shacknews conducts an excellent postmortem on Stay Awhile and Listen.

    • gblogo.jpgStop #13: The Giant Bomb Dump Truck podcast spills details on how Stay Awhile and Listen got started, the author's favorite story from the book, and more.

    • FB-Log-in-Logo-310x70-e1381990606855.pngStop #14: Frontburnr and Open World Gaming talk to David Craddock about SAAL's novelistic format, how he got started on research, and why he enjoyed learning about Blizzard's pre-WarCraft games.



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